October 2017

Nova Scotia Indigenous Tourism Enterprise Network “Established”


After months of meetings as the Province wide Indigenous Tourism Working Group and discussing the key priorities of the new organization… the collective group finally decided on a name that would be brought forward to represent the Provincial organization. This new name would be the “Nova Scotia Indigenous Tourism Enterprise Network”.

The acronym “NSITEN” is also a Mi’kmaw work meaning “Understand”, and this will be a major part of the future work that we will be doing to help the mainstream world (tourists, industry, gov’t), to help better understand our people through cultural tourism initiatives.

The name also incorporated “Indigenous” as the collective group felt that there will also be more than Mi’kmaw people that would be interested in joining our new organization so we are opening the doors to other “eligible” people of “certified” ancestry to become involved as voting members of our new organization. (See Membership Criteria for more information).