Elder & Youth Sustainable Cultural Tourism Video Contest

Nova Scotia Indigenous Tourism Enterprise Network is hosting a video contest where we would like an elder and a youth to submit a 1 -2 minutes video describing what sustainable cultural tourism means to them. The contest will start on June 22nd, and they will have until July 7th to submit a video. Please share with your network (Youth, elders, and community members).
The opportunity for Mi’kmaw community members across Nova Scotia to get more involved in how we begin to better define what Sustainable Cultural Tourism means to our people is a very exciting opportunity for us as an organization.

Nationally, this work has been on the minds of many Indigenous people more involved in the work of environmentally driven initiatives but we as an organization (NSITE’N) wanted to develop new ways to integrate traditional knowledge, elder knowledge but also youth perspectives in our work.  With this in mind, this new initiative is targeting both the youth and the elders in our communities to come up with a short video to share what it means for them to share our culture and our traditional views on protecting our lands, our waters, our environment but then how we incorporate all of these important cultural customs into a broader Mi’kmaw approach into cultural tourism. 

We would love to see all of your creative ideas, thoughts and/or expressions on how we can bring forward different ways to express the importance of connecting our youth with our elders and sharing your thoughts on this project!  In closing we look forward to your video submissions and we hope to hear and see your submissions sometime very soon!

Robert Bernard
Executive Director