PJI’LASI / Welcome

The Nova Scotia Indigenous Tourism Enterprise Network (NSITEN) is a volunteer based, not for profit cultural tourism organization working to support the growth of authentic and cultural tourism businesses and community enterprises in Nova Scotia, Canada.

We know that the Covid-19 Pandemic is having a substantial impact on all of us as individuals and business owners.  But, we also know that it is important for business owners to have an opportunity to continue operating their businesses in a safe and effective manner while practicing established Covid-19 pandemic protocols.

We want to continue supporting your businesses by providing ways to help address some of the key issues that are facing you as business owners.

We are working hard to access much needed ongoing funding to help support your business needs, whether they may be involving the Covid-19 pandemic safety training, business capacity supports to access funding, infrastructure needs and connecting you to the right Provincial & Federal funding departments.

We know that by working together we are stronger so we encourage you to keep in touch and to share with us your challenges as we continue to update and develop our strategic plans to better address your needs going forward.

We also look forward to planning some online training events in January 2024 as well as planning for our 2024 NSITEN Tourism Conference which will be held in Kjipuktuk / Halifax in March 2024.  We will be updating all of our members on all of the workshops and many activities we have planned for you in the new year.

We look forward to working with you and help you to be a larger part of the mainstream tourism industry in our traditional lands of Mikmaki.

Arts & Crafts Co-op

Are you a Mi’kmaw or Indigenous Artist or Crafter?

The NSITEN offers a free service to all artists, artisans, craft makers and traditional knowledge keepers as a way to grow opportunities.  Whether you are a registered business with the Registry of Joint Stocks with the Province of Nova Scotia or not, we ask you to join our network so we can continue to provide you with training and networking opportunities and help to grow your sales as well.

In your journey towards establishing yourself as a business owner, an authentic experience, a cultural performer or if your approach is more contemporary or maybe even new music that combines traditional and modern music all tied in together in a fusion – we would love to support your work and help to guide your next steps.  Check us out and learn more by contacting us directly at nsiten.info@gmail.com.  


We Have a Story to Tell

Mi’kmaq Artist Alan Syliboy

1. Photo courtesy of The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada
2. Local artist Loretta Gould