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The NSITEN are targeting new and existing Indigenous artists, crafters, traditional knowledge keepers and band enterprises interested in joining our organization. Our role is to represent, promote and provide benefits as part of our ongoing organizational support services.

Members must have the following qualifying criteria to join as a voting member of NSITEN:

1. Must have a valid Indian Status Card as recognized by the national Indigenous organizations of Canada (including Assembly of First Nations, Metis National Council, Congress of Aboriginal People & the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK).

2. Must have identification matching your information on your status card from these national organizations in order to register.

3. Only nationally recognized Metis cards and individual card holders from the national Indigenous organizations will be accepted.

Note: We will not be accepting any registrations from the regional Metis organizations.

4. Community letters stating that the status of individuals “in progress” will be put on hold until such time as status cards are issued. Once this is complete we will then be able to process your application.


The membership requirements to join the NSITEN will be straight forward with who we will be helping to represent, promote and provide benefits to as part of our ongoing organizational support services.


Non-voting associate membership is open to all interested applicants whether they be individuals, business owners, government organizations, community associations or tourism industry partners.

Registration as an Non-Voting Associate Member for 2020-2021 Fiscal Year is FREE. Starting April 1st, 2021 registration as an Associate Member will be:

Artist/Crafter/Elder: $50.00 per year
Individual Business Owner: $100.00 per year
Indigenous Band Enterprise: $150.00 per year
Associate Member: $200.00 per year
Govt/Industry: $250.00 per year

In Kind Contributions towards the development of NSITEN will be considered towards the costs of membership, please inquire further by contacting us directly at


As part of our ongoing effort to secure much needed development dollars for the organization we will be putting a call out to multiple government, industry and community based organization in search of existing financial and support resources that will benefit the goals and objectives of NSITEN.


With the initial goals of growing capacity and transitioning of industry and business knowledge we will be searching to fill multiple seats with experienced individuals that will help to provide much needed guidance as the organization develops through its infancy stages. Should you be interested in helping with this process we welcome your application for one of these positions that will be implemented in the 2018-19 fiscal year.

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For more information, contact:
Robert Bernard
(902) 302-3300 cell/text