Supporting Cultural Businesses



The NSITEN supports cultural businesses and communities through the development of specific project based training and development initiatives aimed at growing the capacity of individuals, businesses and community lead tourism initiatives.

Project #1

Creating an Updated Database

Developing an updated business database of existing business owners involved in cultural tourism in the Nova Scotia Region. We want to know who is currently in the cultural tourism industry, who wants to start a business in these areas and as well we want to start populating our Artists & Crafters Co-op database. We want to do this so that we can all come together to work on some useful business and capacity building initiatives that will help strengthen your business offerings! Please feel free to register and share the great news!!

Project #2

Hosting Regional Tourism Sessions

Organizing Regional Cultural Tourism Sessions – three in particular – one in the Western Region (near Annapolis Royal), one in Central Region (Truro area) and one in the Cape Breton Region. This sessions will focus on educating more people on topics related to the organization and opportunities to get involved in the cultural and mainstream tourism in Nova Scotia. The final dates will be posted and promoted within the communities and through industry notices that we will be distributing very soon!!

Project #3

Hosting a Provincial Summit on Indigenous Tourism (Fall 2018)

Hosting of a Provincial Summit on Indigenous Tourism – scheduled for Fall 2018 this event will bring together all key components of the tourism industry partners, businesses, individuals interested in starting a business and more! We will finalize this date very soon! At this Summit we will be targeting key pieces of information that will strengthen Indigenous business owners, individuals that want to get into business as well as community leaders that want to know more about the tourism industry. Stay tuned for more info!

Project #4

Building on an Atlantic Indigenous Tourism Strategy

Continue with the development & discussions on an Atlantic Indigenous Tourism organization that will work to provide collective support services for all Provincial Atlantic Indigenous tourism organizations.

These important and very necessary discussions will work towards developing common strategies that will support the ongoing and sustainable growth of Indigenous tourism in the Atlantic Region.

We will work with industry and government to solidify a long term strategy and investment plan to help provide an authentic offering to the mainstream tourism industry, one that has been a long time in the making!